I Help Filmmakers Consistently Get Video Production Clients & Retainers
Are you a filmmaker struggling to get clients & customers?

I help filmmakers who are starting their businesses get more higher quality jobs & retainers. As a successful video production business owner, I’ve seen firsthand how stressful it can be for filmmakers who know how to make great videos, but haven’t ever run a business before. 

My primary focus in on helping to ease that stress so they can confidently grow their dream business. Through a mix of coaching and proven step-by-step strategies, including my “Facebook Ads” program, I give filmmakers the specific tools they need to fearlessly build the profitable video production business they’ve dreamed of. 
I help hotel owners get 50% more direct bookings every month on auto-pilot.
Are you a hotel owner struggling to get more enough direct bookings?

My name is Seth Morrisey and I help hotel owners get high value direct bookings using my auto-pilot system.

If you are interested in becoming less dependent on OTA's, click the link below to find out how you can get more direct bookings each day with predictability.  
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